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PHILOSOPHY: The mission and goal of Studio H International is to celebrate the unique, "Exotic" and
the natural or "alternative" woman... And this includes the "Older woman", " Woman-of-Color " as well
as the woman having unique physical features and talents. Most standards that constitute beauty are
are racially or commercially driven. Therefore, you seldom get a "Real World" or a true life perspective
on what is "sexy" from most mainstream sources... Plus, most examples of what constitutes "ethnic"
beauty in the mainstream comes from Caucasian male or female templates or perspectives. And just
because a woman may be "less-than-perfect" DOESN'T mean she lacks "Sex Appeal". Therefore, if
you've been around a bit, and realize that in the "Real World" NOT all women are a Size 2, and come
in all shapes, sizes, and colours, then you are welcomed to join us in the journey... You'll experience
"Real Women" and sexuality without all of the mainstream filters... We encourage your pictures, real
life stories, inputs, etc.
FINAL NOTE: One major aim of the Studio H International project will be to tackle "tabu" sexual
issues concerning sexuality and female sexual attraction... Therefore, if you are easily offended
by discussions of a sexual or an erotic nature, you are advised to stay out of this Website. Also
if you're easily offended by honest discussions about female beauty, self-esteem, etc. The aim
will be to inform and inspire as well as eliminate ignorance and to offer support. We encourage
single women as well as couples to join and help inform others.