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if you have a stricly 'romantic' concept of adult sexuality, this site
is probably NOT for you. However, if you are sexy but not exactly
"Young" or "Model Perfect", you will be in a place where you can
communicate and debate such issues... And where you'll be able
to get some positive reinforcement as well as possibly earn some
extra money in the process. 

MEN: This Website is for "Real Men"!  Therefore, if you're a Boy
who is into the surgically enhanced "Barbie Doll" types, maybe
this Website is NOT for you? We have nothing against beautiful
women... However, if you've been around a bit, you know that a
woman DOES NOT have to be "Beautiful" or young to be SEXY!
And that some of the world's most sexy women are considered
unattractive by mainstream commercial standards. While many
people find these women to be incredibly alluring. Therefore, if
you are intelligent and experienced enough to understand this,
you're welcomed as a member...  We especially welcome men
who have traveled; current and former military;  businessmen
and gentlemen  who appreciate or have experienced a woman
of a different age, race, shape, size, or culture.  Also, men who
know how to treat a woman who is different with RESPECT.
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