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Beauty and sexual attraction are truely "relative" or dependent upon the perspective of the person making judgement... Also, most standards for what constitutes beauty are driven by a multi-BILLION Dollar fashion, entertainment, and cosmetics industry that makes a fortune playing off of female insecurities, by telling women that they're
"Too Old", "Too Fat", etc.  While out in the "REAL World" there is an attraction to an amazing variety of women.  Many of whom would be NOT be considered desireable based on those artificial standards!
So, just because you are a woman packing a few extra pounds or some other type
of "flaw", doesn't mean that you cannot make money as an erotic model or attract
potential mates! It is just a matter of knowing what turns people on and IGNORING
other women and so-called "Men" unable to deal with a "Real" woman! 
Again, we have nothing against "Beautiful" women or a woman seeking to improve her appearance, etc. However, we again encourage women to ignore "mainstream"
standards and to seek their own unique sexuality, because every woman is not the
same. And NOT everybody wants a young, Blonde "Bimbo" with NO curves or big,
fake, Silicone Breasts!
The Following Traits challenge the rules:
BODY HAIR - The average woman really doesn't have much body hair compared to
the average man... However, the average woman will spend lots of time and money
removing body hair or shaving. And in our opinion, average ladies perhaps should
continue this practice, because there is just enough hair be "Annoying". Yet, NOT
enough for it to be considered unique or "sexy"... So, this really isn't addressed to
the average woman. Therefore, if you are the typical woman with reasonably light
or barely noticeable hair, we say KEEP ON SHAVING!  
However, if you are a woman with "unusual" to "extreme" amounts of hair growth,
we suggest throwing away the razor!  Some women are just naturally more hirsute
( pronounced: "Her-soot" ) or Hairy than other women... It is nothing for you to be
ashamed of, and any man who rejects you for it is simply not worth your time!  So,
unless you have a job that requires shaving your legs, etc., we suggest you stop
stressing yourself over it...  It's potentially "Money in the bank", plus we can help
you to find persons interested in you.
There's nothing "unfeminine" about it, because female body hair is still softer than
a man's even if it is really thick or "profuse". You are still very much a woman! And
one reason why such women are considered sexually attractive, is because there
is something very "primal" or wild about a hairy woman! Thus, if you have a "Hair
Problem", talk to us. Or if you are PROUD of it, talk to us!!! This is also one of most
tolerant model categories, so far as looks. Therefore, even if you are not exactly a great Beauty, you can still qualify as a Hairy model so great is the fascination over
female Body Hair. And we welcome both straight and lesbian women...  
BIG GIRLS - Weight is a very controversial issue due to Hollywood and the Fashion
industry, and the influence on feminine health and image... And just as some ladies
are more hairy than others, some women are just naturally "Big" or a "Plus Size"...
However, a fortune is being made telling women that they're "Too Fat" even when
it might be perfectly natural for them to be Large!
We welcome "Plus-sized" girls...  However, we'd like to also discourage Plus-size
women from becoming lazy or perhaps "Fat Slobs"! Since there's NOTHING sexy
about a Fat Slob, no matter how much you feel that people should "accept you"?
Therefore, maintaining good health, diet, and reasonable excerise not only gives
a better image, it will also help you live healthier and longer and prevent diabetes
and other health problems. Plus, it's much more FUN making love to Big Girl who
is "Fit", than one who's really out of shape! Plus, you will feel more sexy the more
"in shape" or healthy you are... So, there's nothing wrong with being 'Big' as long
as you are healthy and responsible. And that's a big message we want to send to
any "Big Girl" members of our Website! This is another popular model category...
MATURE WOMEN - There once was a time when a woman became "50" that she
was pretty much ready for the Rocking Chair or the "Bone Yard"...  However, the
"Over 40" woman is more popular today than ever, with women Over 30, Over 40, etc., dating, marrying and even having children with much younger men! So, just
because you have a few wrinkles, "sags", etc., doesn't mean that nobody will be
interested in you... In fact, there is even a special category known as the "MILF"
( Rhymes with "Milk" ) for the exceptionally attractive or sexy older woman!
However, you DON'T have to be a 'MILF' to be accepted by us, because we seek
all ages, races, shapes, and sizes of older woman. And encourage older women
to be more sexual in their 'prime' years... It can be a boost to your self-esteem as
well as your well-being. And while most men your age will be LESS interested in
you, the irony is that younger men may actually be more interested? Especially,
if they have had a past experience with an older woman... So, while the dirty old
men are chasing the younger girls, you could be building up a base of younger
male friends and admirers!
ETHNIC WOMEN - There once was time when "Women-of-Color" ( Black, Latin,
Asian, etc. ) were made to feel ashamed for having dark skin, almond eyes, etc.
And even today, there are many Asian women who consider "Round Eyes" to
be more preferable or a status symbol over Almond eyes, even going so far as
plastic surgery to achieve a "Rounder Look"!  Now, that's pretty pathetic... And
many women with dark, thick, or ethnic features, including Southern European,
Middle Eastern, and Southern Indian women try to alter or "hide" their heritage.
However, we LOVE ethnic women, and welcome any ladies with strong ethnic
features or identities to apply to our Website! So, DO NOT worry if you're "Too
Black", "Too Asian", etc. You will be more welcomed here...
SEXUAL ODDITIES - Having unusual or "Odd" sexual features or abilities might
be another area of embarrassment or shame for some woman...  And just as the
condition of being a "Big Girl" or a "Hairy Girl" is used to shame women, one of
the latest scams is "Vaginal Rejuvenation" or "Designer Vaginoplasty" to make
women feel ashamed of their sexual organs. That is really INSANE!!!
As long as your condition is purely COSMETIC and has no effect on the quality
of your life, then you should perhaps leave it alone! And that is our policy when
it comes to physical Oddities...  We draw a line between physical handicap and
sexual "abnormality"! So, if you've got a sexual abnormality, like an unusual or
a large vagina, a large clitoris, large vaginal lips or "labia", lots of pubic hair, or
giant nipples, etc., talk to us about it. We promise to treat it with respect.  
The "rules" for beauty and sexual attraction vary from culture to culture as well
as from person to person, couple to couple, etc. Again, you must seek out and
discover your own unique sexuality, and we can help you do this... However, it
will require that you ignore all of the B.S. that you have been told by Hollywood,
the Entertainment, fashion, and cosmsetics industries... Next make a list of any
"flaws" or "imperfections" that you might have; as well as a listing of what you
feel are your "best" features, then we'll have a look at you. And the very things
that you thought were "Ugly" could be the very thing that you could capitalize
on and make money with!  So, talk to us... We're not like the rest of those sissy
Websites. And we promise to treat you with respect, no matter how "strange"
or "odd" you think that you might be.