P. O. Box 50121; Long Beach, CA 90815-6121 U.S.A.
Dear Models:
We will build a personal Website FREE for you to post your pictures! Simply E-mail
us some of your best pictures taken by your boyfriend, husband, or girlfriend, and
we will begin building a Website for you, one page at a time. The more photos you
you can send the more pages we can build. You will also get a Web address.
MAKING MONEY: You simply post some pictures around the Internet on sites like
Newbienudes or any Website accepting Amateur Nude Photos... People respond
to your photos, and when they come to your Website they will get instructions on
how to "Join" your Website...  And for each person joining your Website, you will
receive $5.00US to $10.00US in payment. If you just get "25" people to join, that's $125.00; 50 people to join, that's $250.00, etc. Or if you received $7.00 to 10.00US
that's $350.00 to $500.00 earnedfor 50 people. Thus, if 1000 people joined for for
the year, that's an extra $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 extra for the year or just 3 people
joining your Website per day!
The more you promote your Website or pictures on the Internet, the more money
you can make!!!  Just tell people about your Website, and we will also promote it
on our Website as well. And it will cost you NOTHING!  We'll handle the technical
stuff, etc. The more pictures that we add, or the more "products" that are offered
like panties, videos, etc., the MORE money that you can make. $5.00 is a "Base"
earning estimate. Just use your imagination and work with us and you will make
more money. It's like anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it.  
HOW IT WORKS: Registering with our Website costs a $15.00US fee...  However,
if the person contacts you first you can give him a special "Discount Code" that
we will issue you. And with this Discount Code a person can get $5.00 Discount
off of your subscription price! Thus, when they Register with our Website they'll
only pay $10.00 to join, then we will give them access to your Website. We 'split'
or divide the $10.00 fee "50 / 50". Thus, you get $5.00, and we get $5.00US. Plus,
you'll also earn $5.00 for ANYONE joining our Website with your Discount Code.
Whether they join to see your Website or not, because all models and members
are authorized to give their Member or "Discount" code to anyone requesting a
code to get $5.00 Discount off of our Registration fee. Then, if anyone pays the
full $15.00 fee, you'll get $7.50US, etc. Please visit our Main Website. 
This will be your own personal Website with a unique Web Address, similar to
having a "MySpace" Web Address... So, it will be unique to you!  However, we
won't "kick you off" or ban you for being too nasty, etc. like on a MySpace or
YouTube site? Yet, we can link or "Point" people to any MySpace or YouTube
Webpage so that people can learn more about you there, then you can Point
or reference them back over here to access your more XXX rated stuff...  And
we will Register them to legally screen out minors and persons who might be
offended, etc., which is why we "Register" all members. 
You are under NO pressure to "sell" memberships, fill quotas, etc. Therefore, 
if you only want a Website to socialize or meet people like the  NewbieNudes,
MySpace,, etc., feel free to do that as well! We will just pay you for
any persons Registering with your "Discount Codes". The decision to make
money is "optional" and up to you? We've discovered that amazingly, many
people DO NOT care about making money!  They just post pictures because
it's fun and a "turn on" for them. So, if you only want a personal Website for
getting nasty, showing your body, etc., that's perfectly O.K. with us...
The business is perfectly "legal" as long as you obey the rules. And we will
properly advise you to help keep it legal, because there are many "weirdos"
out there who screw it up for the rest of us, giving the hypocritical politician
or religious leader or feminist an excuse to go after porn. While the world is
full of more important issues? So, if you have any questions feel free to ask
us once you have Registered with our Website. This can be a great way for
women and couples to make money from anywhere in the U.S.A., and from
anywhere around the world.
This is also a great way for amateur models to audition for part-time work in
adult entertainment or promote themselves if they already act or model? So,
if you are interested in part-time work we possibly can get you an interview
with reputable producers and photographers in Los Angeles...
Simply E-mail us some pictures for review. Or if we've given you an invitation
please start sending us pictures and we will help you edit good sets that can
be built into your Website. However, only the most "unique" and sexy ladies
will currently receive this offer... Thanks