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Are you a "STUDIO H" kind of woman? Unique, Exotic, "Different"? Or perhaps a bit "Odd" compared
to other women? Tell us your story.  We are an "alternative" erotic modeling Website. Thus, we will consider ALL types of women!  Including former dancers, actresses, models, older women, students, housewives, atheletes, factory workers, etc.  Pay starts at $100.00 to $200.00 / Hour part-time. Simply complete this Application and "Snail Mail" it to above address with Deposit and a couple of photos,
and your answers to the questions. You must be over age Eighteen ( 18 ).     
NAME: _________________________________________________________   Age: __________
E-mail: _______________________________________  and / or "Snail Mail" Address below
Address: _____________________________________________________________
QUESTIONS : Print out and answer... Return SIGNED with some photos and a $15.00 DEPOSIT.
1.) Have you ever modeled or done any type of "adult" acting, modeling, etc.? If NOT, put "No"...
2.) What is your Height and Weight?  HT: ___________   WT: __________ 
3.) Are you "offended" by sexually graphic or descriptive language, pictures, or information? If your answer is "Yes", you DO NOT qualify for this program...  No ____ ?
4.) How would you like to pose?  Lingerie ____ ; "Bikini" ____ ; Nude ____ ;  ANY ____ ?
5.) Would you like to remain "Anonymous" or NOT revealing or showing your face?
6.) If your answer was "Yes" to #1 please list any magazine, club, video, Website, or other credits. This can be used with helping you to find work, making more money, etc. Plus, we can serve as an "online agent". Former or 'veteran' adult models, dancers, actresses, performers are encouraged!
7.) What is your "Worst" physical feature or trait? If none, put "None"...
8.) What is your "Best" physical feature, talent, or trait?
9.) If you listed any credits in #6, please tell us who your producer(s) or photograher(s) was (were) if you modeled or acted for a magazine, Website, film, or video company...   
10.) What is your "Ethnic" heritage or background? If "Mixed" Heritage, describe:
11.) Do you speak a second language?  If "Yes", name the language(s)?
12.) How much money would you ultimately like to make?
13.) How would you prefer to have any monies sent to you?  Check, PayPal, etc.?  
14.) Our main photography studio is in N. Hollywood... Do you have transportation to N. Hollywood if scheduled for an assignment in Los Angeles?  What type of transportation do you use? 
15.) We also BUY pictures if out of town, outside of the U.S.A., or too far away!!! Do you know someone who can take your pictures in your country, city, town, or village?       If "Yes", turn photos into CASH!       
16.) Would you like to also be a "Talent Scout" signing up other ladies with us?  Yes ____ No ____  
A great opportunity especially if you speak another language... You will Earn $5.00US per referral
( U.S.A and Canada ) Outside of U.S.A. ask for local rates.
17.) If you are "Different", Describe it!  We are professionals. So, don't worry if you think it's "Strange" 
too "Freaky", etc., including: Armpit Hair, Body Hair, Facial Hair, Chest Hair, Giant Nipples; Giant "Areolas" ( The Dark circles surrounding Nipples ); Large Clitoris, etc.  If "Different", DESCRIBE: 
18.) SIGN and DATE this Application. Include your $15.00US Deposit along with some photo(s). Ladies
already Registered may "waive" $15.00 Model Fee by entering their Member Code, below. Otherwise,
mail payment before 15th or 28th of the month. Or make a "Telepay" or Credit Card Payment, below...
Cash or Money Order only pay $12.00US. Use another member's code, only pay $10.00US  
To "waive" $15.00 Model Fee, enter your Member Code ___________________________ 
I, the undersigned, hereby declare that I am an adult over the age of 19 years. And I am aware of the adult nature of the program to
which I am applying and therefore am not offended by sexually oriented information, images, or subjects. Therefore, I give STUDIO
H INTERNATIONAL, hereupon referred to as "STUDIO H" and its owner (s), affiliated companies, businesses, Websites and any party
acting on its permission or authority permission to send or exchange such information, images, or subjects with me, as I affirm that I
am consenting and of legal age. I therefore, understand that it's against the law to falsely represent my age and my identity and that
STUDIO H has made an honest attempt to keep minors and sexually "sensitive" idividuals out of its Website or from receiving any of
its information.Therefore, STUDIO H should be held harmless or free of any liability for any false representations or any violation of
publicly stated efforts to keep out minors and sensitive persons. Therefore, STUDIO H, its owner (s), businesses, Websites, associated
businesses, idividuals, Websites or persons acting on its permission or authority will also be held harmless or free of liability for false
or fraudulent respresentations on this Application by minors and sexually hypocritical individuals.  STUDIO H INTERNATIONAL aka
STUDIO H reserves the right to openly discuss adult sexuality or attraction. Also, I won't be "offended" by the use of the word "Ugly"
in any literature, information, or advertising since the word will mainly intended to be used in the context of a debate with regard to
what is "attractive" or "unattractive". And, if I model, represent any models, or submit any images of any actress or models, I will not
be offended by any information or suggestions for improving the effectiveness of said models. And that STUDIO H reserves the right
to accept or reject any actress, model, or photographer as it deems fit for its objectives. All work submitted will become the property
of Studio H International. And if Studio H International builds or includes me in any custom Website, that I'll be entitled to $5.00US
for each sale resulting from and only from traffic sent by me to Website. And that it shall be determination of Studio H International
how much I am paid beyond this stated range, or within or below any other stated pay ranges or figures, including any contest. And
that Studio H International may determine what materials may be posted or published or for how long any material remains posted. However, I may submit a formal "takedown" request, at which time it will be the determination of Studio H International to remove
images in question without further legal actions. Further, if I am accepted, I will be working on a "per assignment" basis. Therefore,
my acceptance as a model or as member of a Website will NOT constitute my being formal "employee" of STUDIO H, aka STUDIO
H INTERNATIONAL, its owner (s), associated Websites, businesses, or companies. I give STUDIO H INTERNATIONAL, its owner (s),
associated businesses, individuals, Websites or persons acting on its permission or its authority worldwide permission in perpetuity
to copy, reproduce, edit, publish or distribute any photographic or moving images of me in any medium ( printed and electronic )
including Internet, with permission to edit or alter any images, text, or information submitted by me. All problems or disputes will
firstbe brought to attention of Studio H, aka Studio H International for proper resolution. I am able to present proper identification
asproof of my legal age and identity in compliance with 18 USC 2257.  
Signature: _________________________________________________  Date:  ________________
Payment Method:  Cash ____   Check ____  M.O. _____  Credit Card _____  "Telepay"  ______  
Member Code of your Scout or "Affiliate" :                                                      They will earn $5.00 
HOLLYWOOD / LOS ANGELES? : Call 323-850-8993 for immediate consideration! If you are in or visiting the Los Angeles area, we will schedule you for a studio audition in Hollywood with a professional photographer...  Also E-mail us at
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