P. O. Box 50121; Long Beach, CA 90815-6121 U.S.A.
Erotic photography is one of the most EASY, interesting, and FUN ways to make extra money. And due to the Internet and modern cameras, almost anyone can participate
with very little money or investment. Plus, we will train you to make a decent quality
set of pictures that you can sell to us as well as others. Or hire your model(s) for work
assigments where both you and your model can share the profits.     
All that you need is a camera with a Flash and a lady to pose for your camera... Or if
you are a lady wishing to audition as a model, a trusted friend,  girlfriend,  boyfriend,
or a husband to take your pictures. And the market is currently "wide open" for those
persons who can speak good English and a second language or communicate with a
model whose English may not be so good? So, if you are bi-lingual, please apply!
If you are professional, please send us a list of your credits or samples of your work.
Or if you are an experienced amateur with some work, send samples as well. There
will also be a minimum $25.00US Deposit ( U.S.A. & Cananda ) for Applicants to help
weed out NON-serious persons.  However, you can barter pictures to waive off some
of the fee? Including allowing us to build a Website with your photos...    
OWN WEBSITE: Our Website offer is open to legitimate photographers in the U.S.A.
and around the World... Therefore, if you have models or know how to find models,
we will build a Website for you!  And on this Website you'll be able to post samples
of your work and share profit with models in your area. 
REQUIREMENTS: All photographers must be age 21 or older with proof of legal age,
such as passport, work I.D., State I.D., or a Driver's License, etc. If you advertise on
our Website as a professional studio, please provide business ads or business cards
as proof of your establishment... Or a copy of business license or copy of Tax I.D. If
you advertise for models on our Website, it will be mandatory that we have copies
of these documents on file. All Scouts working for us must also have documents on
file with us. The fee to Register as a Scout is $15.00US 
IMPORTANT: If you are accepted, this will be one of most interesting businesses or
lines of work that you will ever have! Plus, the money can be good. However, this
is also serious work... Therefore, you must be mature enough to NOT see this as a
means to "pick up" girls, "see women naked", etc. Women will usually pick up on
your "vibe" anyway, so if you can't handle it don't bother. We also need guys who
women can TRUST!  And the same for any lady working for us... Many ladies who
Scout models also model themselves, and work for a producer or a photographer
whom they know they can trust.
MISSION: Another reason why we founded Studio H International was to seek out
producers and photographers with the BALLS to photograph and film the types of
women that appear on this Website... Now we desire to train a new generation of
producer and photographer who are not afraid of these type of woman, including
women from diverse cultural or ethnic backgrounds other than a classic "Playboy"
model. So, if you're into pretty girls with fake parts contact Playboy... However, if
you are into pretty or ethnic girls with "Real" Parts, contact us!
We will teach you what is "legal" and what is NOT legal, how to find models, sell
your work, save big money on equipment, etc. And we plan to sponsor a class for
how to be a porn producer! So, Register and we'll keep you updated.    
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