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Erotic modeling and entertainment is one of the best kept money making secrets
around...  Yet, due to the association with pornography many women still would never consider it as an alternative form of income.  However, due to the Internet women of every background are legally and safely satisfying their erotic desires,
while earning HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of extra Dollars in their spare time.
Therefore, from the safety and privacy of your home or that of a friend, you can
be producing your own material, while working your own hours...  And it will all
be SAFE and LEGAL, since no physical contact is involved with the public and
it occurs between consenting adults... Plus, it's some of the most easy "work"
in the world! 
You just show up on time to the photo studio and follow the instructions of the photographer if hired as a model... Or if you've got a "Web Cam" or Phone Sex
business, you simply maintain a regular schedule so as to not discourage any
customers. Or if you've got a Website, which we can build FREE for a selected
group of models, you collect a percentage of "subscriptions" to your Website.
And nobody cares if you're single, married, lesbian, straight, college educated,
a former prison inmate, etc., as long as you Register and obey the law. 
However, like any business, the amount of money earned will vary depending
on the person. And some women will just be more skilled at this than others...
We call this "Flirting"... Still, unlike most "jobs" or businesses, you can begin
with NO experience and almost no money! Plus, the "product" is really cheap
and easy to produce. Thus, no investments in uniforms, books, equipment or
other worthless crap to take your money and collect dust in your closet. Or if
you attend a "Trade School" getting stuck paying off a loan? However, if you
are looking for a 'flexible' work schedule for attending school, this can be an
ideal way to earn extra money while attending school.        
Also, unlike prostitution or doing "Sex Films", NO physical contact is required.
So, there is no threat to the community or interference with the public. You will
mostly work out of the privacy and safety of your home or that of a friend. And
your primary business or job is to provide an effective FANTASY...  And unlike
most other business ventures, your potential market or customers will literally
number in the BILLIONS! Why? Because Billions of men are seeking this type
of entertainment.
Most women have no interest in erotic images or "visual" pornography! Thus,
most pornography for females is in the form of "Romance Novels" or stories...
And that's the only real difference between porn for men and porn for women.
So, your primary consumer is men, ranging from mechanic to Multi-millionaire.
However, more couples are getting into poronography, both for profit as well
as for FUN. And we have truely seen everything from church-going people, to
professionals to blue-collar workers doing this business.  
A good erotic model understands men and what turns men on... Actually, any
woman worthy of her gender knows this! And how to use what nature's given
her to best advantage. Even if she falls short physically in certain areas?  So,
if you have sexy feet, you can model shoes or be a "Foot Model"; or if you've
got a great ass, you could be an "Ass Model", etc. And we'll help to determine
your strengths. However, you should also like challenge of "turning men on"
with your pictures. So, rather than getting ANGRY at men and condemning all
men as "Pigs", etc., the good erotic model laughs her way to the Bank! 
The most popular models are NOT necessarily the most "beautiful" women in
the world! In fact, many have features or talents that are somewhat unusual or
"strange"... Thus, unlike fashion modeling, erotic modeling is less concerned
about beauty and more about sexual stimulation. Thus, a fairly "unattractive"
woman could still make money in this business or line of work, depending on
her features. And having just ONE outstanding feature could be all that a lady
needs to start making money, as already mentioned. 
Men must eat and men must relieve their sexual tension... No matter what any
politician or religious leader tries to tell you... And when we consider all of the
various religious and political scandals involving sex, these people no longer
can claim a MORAL high ground or authority when it comes to sex and telling
the rest of us what we should be doing with our sex lives. Therefore, we must
always question their motives and question their other public service?
You should begin this as a "suplemental" source of income with a potential
for growing into a bigger enterprise... And many women, including ordinary
housewives, students, factory workers, professional, etc., are privately and
safely earning extra money on the side. And with the Internet your potential
for profit could really explode, due to it's ability to reach millions around the
world. So, if you pass our screening process, you could be on your way to
making money at one of best kept money-making "Secrets"! 
A.) "FLIRTING" - Flirting is process of erotically socializing or entertaining on
the Internet, using pictures E-mails, a Web Cam, etc. Therefore, you can do it
for money or to meet people... And as long as you don't exchange actual sex
for money and provide a simple fantasy to another adult, it is quite legal. And
the more effective that you are at Flirting, the more money that you can make!
Some women will be better at it than others. However, if accepted, we'll assist
each female member with boosting her responses. 
Simply Register with our Website, placing an advertisement on this Website
( preferably with a sexy photo? ) and we'll relay or forward any messages or
mail to you... And we suggest having someone take a series of sexy photos
wearing lingerie, Bikini, or Nude and sending them to us for review...  Then,
we will edit them for you on a special page...  And for each person who you
send and joins our Website to see your photos, etc., you get a commission!
Thus, if you networked yourself effectively around the Internet, $5.00 could
easily multiply to  $50.00,  $500.00, $5000.00, etc. Especially if you produced
enough quality pictures for us to build you a Website?  So, visit  "Website"
link below and learn more about the Website offer. 
Having Fans or "Friends" on a social networking Website like  "MySpace",
"YouTube", "", "Newbie Nudes", etc., is what could accelerate or
boost your profits if done properly!!!  So, Register with us and we'll discuss
a proper strategy... And we have no problem with sending traffic to another
Website like "MySpace", "YouTube", etc. Studio H International  and  S.H.I.
Media are MARKETING Websites.  So, if you already have Website or Blog
we have NO problem posting links or sending traffic to a Website or Blog.
And if you are a current or former adult actress, model, dancer, etc. we can
Register you with our Website so "Fans" can contact you, or know current
work availability, etc. We can even put up a Webpage for you... So, it's ideal
for entertainers. And a great way to establish yourself on the adult Internet.
Then, using a technique that we call "Pointing", we can send Web traffic to
any place you'd like for visitors to go to maximize exposure.
So, whether you're a housewife, student, entertainer, etc. Or advertising on
a 'Chat Line' or an Internet social networking Website, register with us and
we will work with you. 
B)  MODELING - The amount of money that you make as a model will depend
on your physical features or talent, with the typical pay in the HUNDREDS of
Dollars... However, some ladies earn over $500.00 - 1000.00 per day! Register
with our Website, and we can set up an appoinment with a professional.   
C.) PHONE SEX - Phone Sex pay can range as high as $14.00 per Hour for an
operator in the U.S.A. for simply talking to Horney men...  We can help you to
increase your phone sex business if you are already an operator? Or get you
in touch with an agency to sign you up for part-time work as an operator.  
D.) WEB CAM - The "Web Cam" is the visual equivalent of Phone sex, where a
lady entertains using her Web Cam... She simply registers with a Website that
specializes in it. And some ladies have made THOUSANDS Dollars per month!
If you already have a Web Cam or work for an agency, talk to us... We can help
you to boost your traffic and sales. 
E.) GARMENTS - You can actually make money selling certain undergarments
to men and some women... As much as $30.00 per garment! Register, and we
will tell you how this is properly done. The pantyhose or panties are the most
popular and common items for sale. 
F.) WEBSITE - If we really like your audition photos and you have somebody
who can take your pictures, we'll offer to build a FREE Website for you!  And
for each person who joins to see your Website you'll earn $5.00 commission.
Plus, we will give you your own unique Web address similar to the MySpace
personal Web address! So, see "Website", below. The offer is open to a very
select number of ladies. 
FACT: The reason why your potential for making money is so great is because
most women consider erotic entertainment as "Gross", etc. Therefore, if you're
accepted, you will belong to a small elite percentage of women doing this, with
over a BILLION potential Horny male customers! So, it doesn't take a degree in
mathematics to see the potential for making money...  And it is the Internet that
now makes it possible... And since it is private and between concenting adults
it is very SAFE and LEGAL in most free and democratic societies.  
It can be an interesting, profitable, and FUN! It does not take a lot of money for
you to get started, and the risk is low compared to other businesses. However,
you must have a healthy sexual attitude... And one of our tasks is to screen or
"weed out" the prudes. So, if you are offended by this Website, we'd be happy
if you leave right now... Otherwise, simply register, and we'll answer questions
and refer you to other reputable persons, etc.  Thanks
Home Website!