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Dear Private Advertisers: 
Publishing your advertisement on our Website or in a newspaper is very EASY, SECURE and LOW COST.  NO Credit Card is required! Plus, you get advantage
of your advertisement appearing both "Online" and "Off-line"!       
Simply write up your advertisement as you would like for it to appear. Count the
number of  words. NOTE: A "Word" is anything with space on either side. Thus,
ONE letter is considered a  "Word"; a Telephone or Cell number, including area
code is considered ONE word; etc. Next, multiply total number of words by our
RATES given below, for 1.) Website and newspaper publication   2.) Newspaper
publishing only or  3.) Website only publication. Then, if you'd like us to publish
a picture add $10.00 to total for men. Ladies may publish a picture for FREE...
Download and print Application form and mail with payment to:  S.H.I. Media,
c/o Webmaster; P. O. Box 50121; Long Beach, CA 90815-6121; U.S.A.
THE FIVE AD TYPES:There are Five ( 5 ) type of advertisement: 1.) Worded Ad
with telephone or cell phone number  2.) Worded advertisement with P. O. Box,
but NO Telephone or Cell phone  3.) "CODED" advertisement with photograph 
4.) "CODED" without a photograph  5.) Direct Contact with a picture. NOTE: #1
&  #2  are "Direct Contact" advertisements!  "Coded" ads will have NO "Direct
Contact" information like P.O. Box, Telephone or Cell phone information. We'll
relay or "forward" responses directly to private home or P. O. address. Direct
contact ads are $5.00US per month. Ladies with photos can run a CODED ad
on Wesite for FREE!
WEBSITES:  Are you already advertising on another Website? If advertising on
another Website like the "Adult Friender", "", "", My Space,
etc., we can send traffic to your other Website!  Simply give your advertisement
details, and where to find you. And when people come to this Website they can
see where to find you on the other Website... Or when people visit you on other
Website, you can send them here to have us relay letters, photos, etc. to you...
And you can SAVE money, because we can continue your advertising here for
a fraction of the cost. 
NEWSPAPERS: We are negotiating a deal with several alternative newspapers
to also run printed advertising... As the various papers come Online, we'll open
up that option as well. If you are currently advertising in a newspaper, give the
details to that advertisement, and we'll direct Web traffic to that ad as well.  
PHONE CHAT: If you're advertising on one of the Phone Chat Dating services,
we will also direct Web traffic to your voice mail ads as well. Simply give details
on how to locate your voice ad, and we'll incorporate it in your ad. Thus, when
people see your ad on this Website, they can hear your voice ad on the phone
chat service. And if somebody contacts you on a Voice Chat service, you can
send them here to view your picture, forward letters and pictures to you, etc.
And you can earn MONEY from sending us some of that traffic - BIG MONEY! 
So, become a member, and earn $5.00 per referral. Tip: NEVER mention this
Website in a voice ad... Only mention it after you have privately made contact
with somebody on your private phone. Many Chat services may NOT want to
have "other services" mentioned on their service!  Thus, only explain how to
find you here privately to avoid trouble with the other service.
RATES: The general rate is $1.00US per word for Website, and $1.40 per word
for BOTH Website and newspaper publication. Then, if you want to add photo,
simply tack $10.00US onto your TOTAL, after determining number of months.
Study formulas below. Sign, Date, and enclose your fee and "Snail mail" Form
in to us. Or check "Credit Card" and click link to pay by credit card and mail in
the form to us.
By signing this form you hereby will declare that you're an adult over the age of 20, and
give us or newspaper publisher full rights and permission to publish or print your photo
and / or advertisement... You grant us permission to change or edit any photo or ad as
warranted. You also hereby declare that you won't hold us ( S.H.I. Media ), our owner(s),
or related businesses or Websites responsible or liable for any transaction, meeting or
dealings as a result of placing your ad with us or any associated Website or business.
Therefore, you'll accept responsibility for your conduct with the public. You understand
that S.H.I. Media, Studio H International, or any associated Website or business have
NOT given you permission to advertise their name on any voice mails or personal ads.  
All information provided is accurate and TRUE. You give us permission to "Relay" or
"Forward" any mails to your private address given or to publish any address given in
any advertisement submitted. Or to publish any E-mail submitted in advertisement.
Advertising Elsewhere?  ___ No; ___ Yes  Where?  ________________________ 
NAME: ___________________________________________  AGE: _________
E-MAIL: __________________________________________
ADDRESS: __________________________________________________

ADVERTISEMENT: Write your ad below, or back of form, or separate sheet of paper.
Coded Ad responses will be securely "forwarded" to the above mailing address. If you
wish for us to publish a "Direct Response" address in your advertisement, please get
P. O. Box or a "Mail Drop" Address! We DO NOT publish home addresses. NEVER
use your "Direct" Home Telephone. Please get a voice mail number.
CODED ADS = AMT WORDS # _____ X  RATE $ _______ = TOTAL: $ _______
Direct Contact = TOTAL: $ ______ + $5.00 X ____ Number of Months = $ ______ 
CODED ads will run for ONE YEAR, then must be renewed...  "Direct Contact" Ads
will be renewed at $5.00 per month X number of months indicated.
Sample Adult Newspaper?  = Above TOTAL + $5.00 =  $ ___________ Enclosed.   
Cash ____ Check ____ Money Order ____  Payable to "S.H.I. Media"   
NOTE: Credit Card Payments, Check or "Tick" Here ______ then See link below...  
Signature: _____________________________________    Date:    
QUESTIONS? If you have any Questions or Problems, you can contact us via Webmaster at  See "Contact" section... 
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