P. O. Box 50121; Long Beach, CA 90815-6121 U.S.A.
Internet or Web Modeling can be one of the quickest and most easy ways to make extra 
money...  And all you'll need is a camera with a flash and someone to take your photos,
or those of a  friend, a girlfriend, etc. Or if you've got a "Web Cam" you can earn money broadcasting pictures with your Web Cam. Plus, we can build a Website for you!
You work your own hours from the safety and privacy of your home, from anywhere in
the U.S.A. or anywhere around the world. And NO experience is required! Just have a
healthy sexual attitude and enjoy teasing men and women with your photos... 
Nobody cares if you are married or single; employed or unemployed; "blue-collar" or
educated professional; lesbian or straight... Just excite them and see how much Fan
Mail or money starts coming in? And we can help you reach Millions online!  
However, you can work both "online" and "offline" with our program... NO computer
is required. We will simply post your pictures, an advertisement, etc. on our Website.
Or if we really like your pictures, and you know someone who can take your pictures
( such as your boyfriend, girlfriend, or husband ) we'll BUILD a personal Website for
you FREE of charge! And with the Website you will earn money for each person who
joins your site, which you could promote on MySpace, etc. to make Big Money!!!
The Website offer will be open to select models only. So, please apply today... And if
we like your pictures we will discuss setting up your Website. Still, if you are looking
for a part-time job and live in and or plan on visiting Los Angeles area, we'll shedule
you for an appointment with a professional photographer... Then, serve as an online
representative to help you find more work...
You can also earn up to $700.00US for any pictures that you send in ( See "Cash For
Photos" )... The more unique, "unusual", "strange" or exotic the physical feature or
talent, the greater potential money or work offer! So, E-mail or snail mail us photos
for examination.  
Most Websites only want young and skinny girls with artificial Breasts!  However we
prefer the natural, everyday, "Real" woman.  So, even if you've got extra pounds or
some "imperfection", apply anyway, because this is NOT a Beauty Contest!!!  In fact
the most popular type of model is the natural, 'average', everyday "Girl-next-Door"! 
So, just apply as you are, or be your "natural" self!  Then we will try to place you in
the most appropriate model category. "ANONYMOUS" modeling, where you do not
show your face is also permitted. Plus, we offer other tips on protecting identity...   
We also welcome and encourage racial, cultural, and ethnic "diversity"... Therefore,
if you're Black, Latin, Asian Pacific Rim or Asian Indian, Italian, Middle Eastern, etc.,   
you'll be classified as an "exotic" model. There are enough young & skinny Blondes
out there! So, if you can be classified as an "ethnic" or "exotic" model, contact us...
Most people supporting our Website are sophisticated enough to appreciate ladies
of ALL races, shapes, ages, sizes, and looks... So, don't be afraid to apply if you are
"different" or NOT conforming to some mainstream standards and codes of beauty,
including Hippy, Biker, Goth, Geek, BBW, Soft Butch, etc.  
Former erotic models, dancers, actresses, and entertainers are also welcomed!  So,
if you have done any type of past dancing, acting or modeling for magazine, film or
video contact us!!! Perhaps you can use your past experience to rebuild an old Fan
base, generate new fans, find new work, etc.? Therefore, we welcome older ladies,
both experienced and non-experienced, in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. 
Send your sample pictures to the above P. O. Box address along with your contact
information. Or E-mail us some pictures... The pictures can be fully clothed!  We're
just trying to get an idea what you look like, and to also show them to other agents
as well. Include your $15.00US fee. NOTE:  If you pay by Credit Card, note date you
made payment so we can confirm it.  Outside of U.S.A. please contact us about the
proper fee. If unable to pay the fee, contact us! However, we tried to make made it
low enough for any budget, plus, it helps us to screen the Applicants.  And you will
make it back many times over by referring others to us... See Application