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Studio H International is an "alternative" female and adult sexuality effort screening
women ages 20 thru 60+ for our Website devoted to the "unique" and exotic woman,
as well as woman NOT fitting the mainstream  standard or definition of sexiness and beauty...
Therefore, if you are "different"; can identify with a certain "ethnic" group or culture; are physically well endowed, tall, tattood, pierced, muscular, shapely; or possessing
some "unusual"  talent, feature or ability that sets you apart from most other women, 
you are invited to apply. However, our audition is open to any woman.
Most adult entertainment Websites ONLY want young and pretty "girls"! However, we 
welcome a wide cross-section of female applicants, including older women, "hirsute" women,"Plus-size", Busty or "Flat-chested" women; women with glasses, tattoos, etc. However, disfigured, physically handicapped, anorexic or morbidly obese shall NOT
be considered, because to put such persons in a sexual or erotic context constitutes abuse and fails to get the spirit of our Website... Plus, it appeals to a darker element
or person in society.  However, sexual "Oddities", abnormalities, and unique talents 
will be considered. So, don't be afraid to tell us, we will treat it with respect.  
Nudity is NOT required and you can remain "anonymous" disguising or not revealing your face in some pictures... Plus, we offer tips on protecting your identity. So, if you have another business or a "Day Job", etc. you can protect your identity... And you'll learn there are many types of erotic model than just nude or "pornographic"... Plus, many now famous women are former erotic models. 
We especially welcome current / former models, actresses or entertainers. However, NO experience is required... And this is one of the few businesses and lines of work where you can start working with almost no money or experience, and "legally" and safely earn HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of extra Dollars! However, you must be very 
"broad-minded" or not be easily offended by adult language and themes. If you are, 
you DO NOT qualify, as we must screen out any sensitive persons. 
MODEL POLICY : One of our missions will be to challenge commonly accepted norms, standards, and beliefs about what is considered to be "Sexy" or attractive. Therefore, being "less-than-beautiful" or "unusual" should be no reason to NOT apply with us, as
we're looking for "Real Women" instead of fake, surgically enhanced "Bimbos"! Thus,
even if you are a "Few Pounds Overweight", Old, Flat-chested, etc, there's probably a model category for you!  Still, if unable to place you in a model category we reserve the right to decline an application based on interest or demand. Plus, the decision to
model will be optional if you instead seek social contacts, dating advice, etc.
STATEMENT : Another of our primary missions will be to stimulate a debate on adult
sexuality and attraction. And to debate what is "Beautiful" vs what is "Ugly". We will
also offer advice and support. And the term Ugly is only used to help and stimulate a
debate or draw attention to the issue... Therefore, we WON'T use it to humiliate any
woman accepted to our Website and respect all women applying to our Website. So,
we encourage all ages ( over 18 ), races, shapes, sizes or "looks" of woman to apply;
including any "unconventional" sexiness or beauty. Examples: Unusually Long hair, 
Large Butt, Big Feet  ( Ex: Paris Hilton's feet are a size "11"! ), etc. So, if you possess
any "Odd"  features or talent, you are encouraged, pretty or not . You will learn that
being "different" can be sexy, even profitable... Yet, if you are uncertain about your
qualifications, those of a friend, etc., E-mail us at or
leave message at 323-850-8993. Current and former actresses, dancers, entertainers,
and models seeking extra work or promotions, please contact us... We can create a
Website or page for you, post contact info., work availability, etc. See "Application",
below. Assignment pay starts around $100.00 to $200.00 / hr. part-time.